We are the china’s largest online platform for booking tours.

Chiantourget.com positioning for the travel P2C platform, bringing together tens of thousands of travel consultants, to provide visitors with exclusive, intimate before the trip, travel, travel after the full range of services. Showtime platform for tourism consultants docking tourist routes, air tickets, hotels, tickets, cars and other tourism elements, and to ensure that these products are true and reliable and quality of service. At the same time, it also provides travel consultants with a variety of convenient and efficient distribution tools and management systems, combined with mobile distribution, for tourism practitioners and tourists set up a new docking bridge.

With hundreds of well-planned China tour packages, ranging from single city tour to multi-destinations package divided into small group and private packages, we focus on and we are expert in tailor-made itinerary to suit all styles of China trips.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of China travel and our vision is to become the biggest distribution platform, offering the most diverse and comprehensive selection of china travel products to meet the needs and wants of our customers.

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